Wednesday, June 15, 2016

15 June - Back on the bike - Walhalla, Cowes - Phillip Island

Since returning from our trip to Hong Kong, a number of factors have conspired to keep me away from motorcycling. First of all some personal health issues needed me to focus elsewhere for a few weeks and this was followed by a recent family bereavement which occupied all our thoughts recently. On top of that, it is winter here and while this is not as big a deal here in Australia as it is elsewhere, a run of cold wet weather has combined with the other issues has made motorcycling seem less than attractive or even appropriate, for a while.

I did manage a few small outings just to ensure the batteries on both bikes were charged, including one very nice but short trip to Walhalla, the nearby gold mining ghost town.
On a rare sunny day the little town looked beautiful as the autumn colours were just starting to emerge.

Finally though, today broke the drought. The weather bureau promised a chilly but sunny day so on with the thermal underwear and out on the Honda by 9:30 enroute to Cowes, Philip Island. With the grip heaters blasting away the sunny and still conditions more than compensated for the near zero temperature and by the time I reached the south coast it even started to feel pleasant. It was great to find that the long break in no way diminished either my riding skills or my enjoyment of being on a bike.
Crossed the San Remo bridge in perfectly still conditions and cruising on to the island was an almost Zen like experience which was quickly brought to a halt by a police roadblock carrying out random breath tests. This spoilt the mood for a while but it was quickly restored as I continued across the island.
The usual bustling town of Cowes was fairly quiet at this time of the year and I spent an hour or so having lunch at the local bakery followed by a walk down to the town jetty which was almost deserted.

All very relaxing and enjoyable but soon it was time to head for home along the coast and the continuing sunshine. Got home at about 3:30 just as the air started turning chilly again. It was great to get back into it again and what a perfect day it was.

Total Distance 330km

Monday, May 2, 2016

2 April - leaving Hong Kong

It is just after 7pm local time and we are in the departure lounge waiting for flight QF30 back to Melbourne, where we arrive at 8am. Then all that's left is a trip into the city and the 2.5 hour train ride home and will have come full circle after a great trip.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

1 May - Hong Kong

This morning of our last full day in Hong Kong we were determined to take the tramway up Victoria Peak but it didn't look good. First of all we couldn't see the peak for cloud cover which meant we wouldn't see much when we got up there. Nevertheless we took a Star Ferry to the island and then the 15C bus to the lower tramway terminal. As we approached the terminal though we were confronted by enormous queues. When we checked it turned out that the queue equated to a 3 hour wait to board the peak tram and at that point we decided it wasn't to be. It turns out that not only was it the weekend but also a long weekend for the Labour Day celebration. So instead we walked into the CBD to get a look at the double decker trams which form the public transport system here.
The rest of the day was very quiet and this evening we started the process of repacking our suitcases to get ready for tomorrow. We have an 8:30pm flight which means we need to be at the airport by 5:30. Trying to fit in all the stuff we've bought in the last four weeks is a bit of challenge. We're all amazed at how quickly the time has past but we are also looking forward to being home and resting after the holiday.

30 April - Hong Kong

Another day in Hong Kong and still waiting for better conditions to visit Victoria Peak. This morning we all hopped on the MTR to travel to Mong Kok which is about 1.5 km from our hotel. John, Sandra and Rosa were off to the Ladies Market and I wanted to visit Sim City which is a three story building full of camera shops selling the latest and greatest as well as loads of second hand equipment. I've been looking for a longer telephoto lens for my Panasonic Lumix GH4 and this morning I found the Panasonic 100-300mm at a significantly lower price than what's available in Melbourne. After returning from the market I immediately took my new purchase to Kowloon Park to get some better shots of those magnificent flamingoes.
Although this lens has had some mixed reviews (hence the lower price) I'm very happy with my purchase particularly as the light was marginal and the shots were taken hand held at the full 300mm.
Later in the afternoon we walked down to the Ocean Terminal to check out the best spot to view the laser Light and Sound show which is performed on and by the high rise buildings of Hong Kong Island. 
By now the weather was quite overcast and turning somewhat chilly and we were glad we didn't venture on to Victoria Peak - maybe tomorrow.
After dinner in Harbour Town we returned to the foreshore to join thousands of other locals and tourist to wait for the 8pm light show. The harbour at night is a fascinating sight. The colourful cityscape provides a marvellous backdrop to the abundant water traffic of Star ferries, tour boats on dinner cruises and junks and the occasional cruise ship. Just as the light show was about to start the Star Cruise Line's Pisces sailed right past us.
The hazy conditions detracted a little from the experience of the laser lights but it was still a magnificent sight to behold. 
Just as the show finished the rain started and we joined the general rush to find cover and get out of the rain. Tomorrow is our last full day in Hong Kong and our activities will be dictated by the weather.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

29 April - Hong Kong

We are now in the last few days of our holiday, and the toughest issue each day is deciding a program for the day - there is so much to see and do here. We decided today to visit Victoria Peak in the afternoon if the visibility was OK. John took Rosa and Sandra shopping while I chased down a few of the recommended camera stores here in Hong Kong to see if there were any bargains to be had. There weren't, most gear here is more expensive than in Australia even though they do not apply any sales tax. Sometimes you need to travel to find out how well off you are. We regrouped early in the afternoon and decided to defer the Peak visit to tomorrow. Instead we visited the wonderful Kowloon Park. It is an oasis of peace and beauty in the middle of the incredible hustle and bustle which is Hong Kong. The park is home to a large number of Greater Flamingoes and these are absolutely fabulous birds to watch. I'll go back tomorrow with a telephoto lens to get some better photos.
After our visit we carried on to Temple Street which turns into an incredible night market every day at 4pm, and continues until 10 pm.
This area, located about 1 km from our hotel is much more the authentic Hong Kong/Kowloon experience, far away from the endless expensive international brand name shops which I find quite boring. This market is for the locals and the occasional tourist and it features everything imaginable at quite competitive prices. 
By the time we had wandered up and down the market a few times it was time for a drink and we sat down in an open air local restaurant to enjoy a couple of large bottles of the local beer.

While food and alcohol is incredibly expensive in the more fashionable part of town, when you venture into the areas where the locals live and eat and drink prices are a lot more reasonable. Here, drinks for 4 came to HK$60 which is about AUD12. The local beer here which comes in large bottles is terrific. After all our wandering we decided to use the MTR (Subway) to get back to our hotel.
So altogether a busy, tiring but very enjoyable day. Hopefully we can do the Peak tomorrow.

Friday, April 29, 2016

28 April - Hong Kong

We woke this morning to a warm but very hazy Hong Kong. Air pollution, caused mainly by motor vehicles is a major problem in Hong Kong and this morning it was bad enough to postpone our plans to visit Victoria Peak to get some panoramic views of the area. Instead we caught the Star Ferry to Hong Kong Island before catching a bus to Stanley which is a tourist area on the southern most point of Hong Kong.
This involved a 40 minute bus ride initially through some of the busiest city roads I've ever seen and then along the very steep and winding coastal road. Stanley is a great tourist attraction mainly because of its market, coastal scenery and restaurants.
After an extensive visit to the market by the ladies we then strolled along the waterfront. There were a few groups of school children who had been given the project of approaching tourists and asking them to participate in a short survey. John volunteered twice and everyone seemed to enjoy the experience.
By late afternoon we decided to take a break and have a drink and a meal at the Pickled Pelican. The meal consisted of Australian Black Angus steaks and a pint of draft Carlsberg. Very enjoyable.
Finally it was time to get back to the bus for the return trip to the ferry terminal and then back to The Prince hotel. Tomorrow we are hoping some of the pollution will clear so that we can go up Victoria Peak for a good view and photos of Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

27 April - Hong Kong, Day 1

After 23 nights at sea our cruise finally came to an end this morning when we arrived at the Kai Tak Ocean Terminal in Hong Kong. As a sharp contrast to the near perfect weather we've enjoyed since we left Melbourne, the weather here, while still warm, was overcast, quite hazy with a light drizzle. We had opted for a late departure from the ship as hotel rooms are generally not ready till 2-3 pm, and so, after a leisurely and final breakfast we made ourselves comfortable in the Explorer's Bar, our designated holding area for disembarkation. At 10:20 it was our turn to walk off the Golden Princess for the last time, through HK Immigration to join the longest taxi queue any of us had ever seen. However the departure organisation was ultra efficient and 45 minutes later we were packed into a medium size taxi (all four of us + luggage) on our way to downtown Kowloon and the The Prince Marco Polo hotel. We had booked our rooms here more than 6 months ago through and it is always a bit surprising, and quite a relief, when you arrive and they are expecting you. This was certainly the case here - the staff were terrific and although we had to wait for our rooms to be ready, by 2pm we were settled into the biggest hotel rooms we've been in after a while. Certainly, after 23 nights in a very compact ship's stateroom it was nice to be able to spread out and settle in for the next five days. After unpacking and a bit of rest we walked down Canton Rd to find a liquor store to buy a few essentials and a bit to eat. Our hotel is located right in Harbour Town which is the largest shopping centre (3 levels) we've ever encountered. Tonight we opted for an early night so that we can be fresh and ready to explore Hong Kong tomorrow. It was also nice to find that our rooms provided free high speed internet access, which meant I could finally catch up on all the updates on all my devices and to finally download all my email.