Saturday, May 29, 2010

29 May 2010 - Walhalla

(photo from Walhalla Goldfield Railway web site)

Quick ride to Walhalla this afternoon to catch a glimpse of the 7A Steam Locomotive which has been trucked in for today and tomorrow. Weather wasn't great but that didn't seem to deter the many train buffs who were parked along the road to get a view or a photo.  Managed to get a brief glimpse of the train through my rain spattered visor.

Total Distance 101 km.

Friday, May 28, 2010

28 May 2010 - Work and Noojee

Had to attend a meeting at work today (on my day off) so rode the bike hoping the weather would hold out for a ride in the afternoon. Plenty of cloud but no rain and had a pleasant ride to Noojee via Willow Grove and Hill End. Lunch at the Red Parrot in Noojee and a chat about music with the chef Brian. Turns out he is a guitarist too. From here I headed to the highway at Nilma via Neerim and Neerim South. Returned to Traralgon via the Princes Highway. Great ride.

Total Distance 190 km.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

22 May 2010 - Port Albert

A cool but sunny day. Rode to Port Albert and stopped for a coffee at the Yarram Bakery Cafe on the way back. Made the return trip through Tarra Valley, Balook and Mt Tassie. Very quiet on the roads and a very enjoyable ride after the long break.

Total Distance - 160 km.

Friday, May 21, 2010

21 May 2010 - Back from holiday to US

On 27 April we set off on a holiday to the US which included a 9 night cruise of the Caribbean. So, no bike riding during this period. As we travelled through New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland it becomes quickly obvious that you are in the land of Harley Davidson. The number of people cruising on their HD's is amazing and even more amazing is the size of a HD dealership. Typically the size of a large supermarket, with parking for hundreds of bikes the HD stores buzz with activity particularly on the weekends. People gather from all around for a bit of shopping, catching up with other riders and to eat from the vans which supply hot dogs and hamburgers in the parking lot.

We pulled in to have a look at one HD store not far from Gettysburg PA. The place was rocking.

As well as bikes and spare parts the range of clothing and accessories for the whole family is truly astounding. One thing is immediately obvious - the price of a HD is about half of the same model in Australia. Yes folks, even allowing for transport costs, we're being ripped off.

Arrived home Wednesday afternoon and have ridden the Honda to work Thursday and Friday. A bit chilly but hanging out for a ride after nearly four weeks without.