Wednesday, November 27, 2013

26 November - Bass Coast and Bunurong Marine Park

Finally, a fine day after a long run of mediocre weather. Since I started riding again 4 years ago, I have covered nearly 70,000 km. Which means that within the scope of a day ride, I have covered all the interesting roads, destination and caf├ęs in this area. Lately, in order to avoid endlessly repeating myself, I have started to take a closer interest in places which in the past, I would appreciate, but ride straight past. Today I revisited the beautiful short stretch of coastal road between Inverloch and Cape Patterson which is the main means of access to the Bunurong Marine Park. I would recommend that anyone who finds themselves in the South Gippsland region, take the time to ride this beautiful section of road, and to stop and enjoy some of the wonderful features available there.

This time I chose the car park at Eagle's Nest to park the bike and walk down the stairs to the beach. Apart from some beautiful scenery, the return climb up the stairs, in motorbike gear provided quite an aerobic challenge and I had to spend a few minutes at the top, catching me breath.

Lunch, and coffee was in Inverloch, an attractive coastal town with plenty of choice.

Total Distance 235 km.

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