Saturday, June 14, 2014

14 June - Goodbye to a great companion

My first riding companion, my Honda VT400 has gone to another home. Steven from Colac and his family drove up last night and were here bright and early to pick her up. It would take more than this short note to express how much I have enjoyed this bike. Elegant, comfortable and well behaved my white Shadow taught me to ride and gave me the experience and confidence to step up the VT750 and the Beemer. I bought the bike in February 2010 and since that time we've travelled 38,000 km together without a single hitch or issue. Oh, apart from the punctured cooling hose incident which you can read about here: stopped by a stick

I hope to enjoy many more motorcycling adventures in the next few years and although she's gone to another good home I have lots of photos and videos to remember the great times we had together.

If you're interested in reading about how it all started click here:


  1. Always sad to see the first bike go, but I bet Steven is just as excited as you were with it. Funny how knowing it is going to a good home helps.

  2. It certainly does. Most of us take good care of our bikes and you would like to think it will have a long life and continue to give pleasure

  3. Theo, I still remember the phone call at the office, with you telling me to check my email urgently. Sure enough there was the VT in the show room having been purchased three days before your Learners course.

    I seem to recall this surge of nostalgia for a bike came not long after you saw a video of a Tassie trip of mine. Sure enough in under a year it was you and I circling Tassie, me on the Monster and you on the VT. Happy days and farewell white knight

  4. Ah Theo I know the feeling well. My white shadow is still sitting at the bike shop waiting for a new home, I feel kinda guilty for leaving her there all on her own. You do hope that they will go to another person who will care for them the way you did.


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