Wednesday, December 26, 2012

23 December - Licola

After not having a ride for about 3 weeks (combination of a bout of flu and pre Christmas preparations) today was the day to get out and clear the head. The weather forecast said fine - I got that bit - but it also said 40ºC - I missed that bit. It felt a bit hot when I set off and soon the temperature gauge on the bike confirmed my hottest day ever on a motorbike. Decided to head up to Licola, hoping the mountain location might provide some cooler weather. Up there the temperature had dropped to 36ºC. After a quick cool drink at the General Store, it was time to turn around and ride back. A bit hot but still an enjoyable ride.

Total Distance 160 km.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

1 December - Paynesville

The forecast today was for early thunderstorm, but when I checked the radar map it looked like all the rain had come and gone during the night. As I was home alone I decided to take the bike for a quick visit to our friends John and Sandra in Paynesville. It was great catching up and Sandra put on a nice lunch. The return trip was pretty windy but it's all experience.

Total Distance 285 km.

30 November - Warburton

A quick ride to Warburton for lunch at Three Sugars on a pretty hot day. Had a bit of a fright on the road between Hill End and Fumina Sth where I encountered the mother of all potholes. Saw it too late to avoid and just managed to lift my bum of the seat and half stand on the pegs. Fortunately the bike stayed upright and I was only doing about 65 kph. At 100 kph I think I would have come off. This road has been allowed to deteriorate into a shocking condition, and with not a single warning in sight I think it amounts to negligence. Apart from that event though the ride was very enjoyable as was lunch.

Total Distance 285 km.