Sunday, June 26, 2011

25 June - Inverloch

Woke up this morning to a beautiful still and sunny day - ideal motorcycling weather. So, on with the thermals and out with the Honda. In no time I was cruising through Boolarra, Mirboo Nth and Leongatha and then down the final stretch to Inverloch. Stopped for lunch at a very good Bakery Cafe in the main street and then continued down the coast road to Cape Patterson. This meandering road follows the clifftops along the coast with plenty of glimpses of the sea. Then, when you reach the end you turn around and do it again in the opposite direction. Called in for a cup of tea at Fred (Rosa's brother) and Laura and after a pleasant chat it was time to head towards home. The good weather held out all the way back.

When I had handlebar heaters installed last year, the dimwit who did the installation wired them directly to the battery. This meant that if you forget to switch them off, or some curious passerby presses the switch (both have happened) you end up with the flat battery. Because of the fuel injection system the Honda cannot be push started which means you need to find someone with jumper leads - a major pain in the butt. Last week I installed a relay in this circuit which switches the power off when the ignition is off. This relieves a major worry and this trip was the first major ride to test it out - 100% successful.

Total Distance 254 km.

Monday, June 13, 2011

13 June - Warburton

After four straight days of working on the house it was a pleasant surprise this morning to find the good weather was holding out. A bit cool but plenty of sunshine. Headed off to Warburton via Noojee, Powelltown and Yarra Junction. Had lunch at the bakery and a bit of a walk in the main street to get the circulation back into my feet. On the way I was pulled over at Hill End by a lonely looking policeman for a breath test and licence and rego check. On the way back I decided to leave the gloom and wet roads around Noojee and turned towards Neerim South and continued the ride home in the sunshine. What a great day on the bike.

Reached another milestone a couple of days ago - the motorcycle licence is 12 months old and is now unrestricted.

Total Distance 290 km.

Monday, June 6, 2011

5 June - Yarram, Tarra Valley, Mt Tassie

The good weather continued all through last week, but unfortunately a home renovation project was a priority on Thur, Fri and Sat. Despite the weather forecast, the weather this morning looked fine, and with the work finished it was time to take advantage of the sunshine. Decided to repeat a favorite trip - Yarram via Gormandale - with lunch at the bakery in Yarram. This is one of my favorite stops, the food is always great and the service is very friendly. By the time lunch was over the sky was still clear but the wind was picking up so I decided to return via Tarra Valley, Balook and Mt Tassie. The early part of this ride is well sheltered from the wind but by the time I reached Mt Tassie, there were quite strong gusts of wind which continued all the way back home. Still, a very enjoyable ride and no rain whatsoever.

Total Distance 127 km

1 June - Work and Walhalla

Although today was the first day of winter, the weather was ideal for the bike, so once again I rode to work hoping the good weather would continue into the afternoon. After work I rode through Moe, Erica and Rawson to Walhalla. The Walhalla road was quite wet and slippery - the sun had not really penetrated the tree cover - so it was quite a slow and careful trip. Stopped at my usual coffee spot in Walhalla and after a bit of a leg stretch continued on to Traralgon via Tyers. Hope this winter continues to provide plenty of opportunities to 'keep on riding'.

Total Distance 125 km

30 April - South Gippsland

A beautiful winter day and a chance to ride the bike to work and a ride after work. Still a bit of fog on the way in but by the time I reached the power station it was all clear and the sun was shining. The good weather held out and after work I headed out to Warragul and then into the hills toward Korumburra. After a coffee at the bakery in the main street the ride continued through Leongatha, Mirboo Nth, Churchill and home to Traralgon.

Total Distance 200 km.