Thursday, April 22, 2010

22 Apr 10 Moe, Trafalgar, Thorpdale, Yinnar, Jeeralang W Rd

Another fine day and rode through Yallourn Nth to Moe to visit brother Luke who's hurt his leg and has to rest it. After a cuppa and a chat with Luke rode to Trafalgar for a quick coffee and sandwich at the Roseberry Cafe. Then proceeded along that lovely winding road from Traf to Thorpdale intending originally to head towards Mirboo Nth, but at Driffield the storm clouds were gathering and decided to turn left instead and head towards Morwell. Still fine by the time I reached the Midland Highway so continued on to Yinnar and the up Jumbuk Rd to Jeeralang Junction. Getting a bit dark and blowy by then but headed up the Jeeralang West Rd and rode to the end of the bitumen. Hadn't realised that everything up there has been burnt out in the 2009 bushfires. Starting to spit when I turned around and by the time I reached the bottom of the hill and turned toward Churchill it started to pour. On the back road between Churchill and Traralgon it turned into a full blown storm including hail which is quite something when you're doing 100kmh. Got home soaking wet. Given the weather forecast this will be the last ride before we go on holiday.

You can follow our holiday progress on

Total distance 135 km.

21 Apr 10 - Tyers Walhalla Rd

After work today the weather was still fine and time for a quick ride before dinner. Headed up the Tyers Walhalla Rd as far as the Walhalla turn off. Then a U turn and back home. Just a short run but very enjoyable on a lovely day.

Total distance 70 km.

Monday, April 19, 2010

19 Apr 10 - Work, Trafalgar, Mirboo Nth, Churchill

Another still, mild day so I decided to ride the bike to work. Only a few things to catch up on and so finished about 2 and thought I'd take the long way home. Rode to Trafalgar, Thorpdale and  Mirboo North. Then headed along the Grand Ridge Road to Boolarra Sth and then to Hazelwood Power Station via Yinnar. The Grand Ridge Rd between Mirboo Nth and Boolarra South features some of the most beautiful country scenery I've ever seen and in the late afternoon soft light it looked absolutely fantastic.
From Hazelwood Power Station I detoured back to Churchill to have a look at the first house we lived in after we were married. Here it is at 41 White Parade. We moved in there early in 1967 and lived there until we moved to Bougainville in September 1971. Don't know who lives there now but I wonder what they thought of my parking the bike there and taking a photo. The flood of memories - our first few years together, our neighbours, the birth of Mark and Nicole, decorating and furnishing the house - were all quite overwhelming and it is almost impossible to comprehend that it happened forty years ago.

Distance covered 150 km.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

17 Apr 10 - Walhalla

Another golden day for a bike ride. Rode to Walhalla for lunch. Absolutely beautiful weather, just warm enough and bright skies. Surprisingly no other traffic on the way up or back so a very leisurely ride. Back the same way (through Tyers) and then into Traralgon for a bit of shopping. Just a short ride but couldn't let the day go to waste.

Total Distance - 101 km

Friday, April 16, 2010

16 April 10 - Inverloch and Cowes

Windy, gloomy days during the past week have restricted rides to short practice runs and have demonstrated the need to upgrade some of my gear to winter quality. When today promised to be a warm, sunny day I set off this morning to Bikers Gear in Cowes to buy winter gloves and leather riding pants.
Headed off this morning at 10:30 via Boolarra, Mirboo North and Leongatha. A quick lunch in Inverloch and then a nice run along the coastal road via Cape Patterson, Wonthaggi and San Remo. As I crossed the sea at the San Remo bridge the weather was absolutely perfect and the sea absolutely flat. Bought the items I needed at Bikers Gear Australia at unbelievable prices and now I think I'm pretty well set up for winter riding when we return from our cruise. Travelled through Archies Creek, Kongwak and Korrumburra on the return trip through some of the most beautiful countryside in Victoria. Motorcycling is always a joy but sometimes it delivers a day never to be forgotten - today was one of those.

Distance covered 330 km.

Friday, April 9, 2010

9 Apr 10 - Licola

Woke up this morning and no sign of rain or wind. Topped up the tank and rode up to Licola via Heyfield and Glenmaggie. The trip from Glenmaggie through the mountains is great with spectacular views of the McAlister river from various vantage points. Licola is a good starting point for a number of great 4x4 excursions and bushwalks and has plenty of accommodation and caravan/camping facilities. The general store and associated caravan park are for sale. Not sure what the turnover would be but the lifestyle would be second to none.

Distance travelled 190 km.

Monday, April 5, 2010

5 April 10 - Cowwarr

Just a quick ride today to clear the cobwebs. Dropped in to Cowwarr Weir, lots of people having picnics and canoeing/kayaking - it's a lovely spot. Continued on to Cowwarr and visited the Cowwarr Art Space. This is an old milk factory which was shut down in 1959. After a number of years vacant it was resurrected and the current owners have turned it into a beautiful art complex with display galleries, residences for visiting artist and a cafe. After a great coffee and a chat I headed back to Traralgon and joined the continuous stream of cars, caravans and boats returning from the Easter break and avoiding the Princes Highway. You can check out the Art Space on

Distance covered 75 km.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

3 Apr 10 - Mirboo Nth, Meeniyan, Yarram, Tarra Valley

Great ride today with Marcus on his Ducati. Once again the weather looked threatening but we ignored it and somehow managed to dodge the rain all day. First stop was Mirboo Nth (via Boolarra) and coffees. From there on to Meeniyan hoping to share a pizza in the outstanding pizza cafe there but it was closed. Bugger. We then hit the South Gippsland Highway with the bakery cafe in Yarram as our target. Traffic was reasonable for an Easter weekend. Yarram whas absolutely chockers with holiday makers and the bakery was operating on a 'take a number' basis. In all the confusion we managed to get served quickly (steak and mushroom pie for Marcus and vegetable pastie for me) and had an enjoyable lunch. Then for the final leg over the Strzeleckis via Tarra Valley. Stopped on the banks of the Tarra River for the cigar ritual and then headed for home via Balook and Mt Tassie. Once again, a great day.

Distance covered 215km.

Friday, April 2, 2010

2 April 10 - Walhalla, Thompson Dam, Noojee

Big ride with Marcus and Zane today. Topped up the tank in Tyers and then headed up to Walhalla. Every spare bit of ground there had a tent, camper or caravan on it. After coffee at the Star Hotel we rode out of Walhalla and up to the Thompson Dam. Lots of people up there pic-nicking and sightseeing and looking for a toilet. The public loo was closed to prevent vandalism so everyone was climbing fences and going bush.
After a chat with a group of people about our bikes ("How do you keep it so clean?") we headed past Erica, Willow Grove and Hill End and tackled the twisties through the rainforest on our way to Noojee. Reached Noojee about 2:30 for a late lunch at the Red Parrot Cafe (second time this week).
Lunch consisted of hamburgers the size of a small cartwheel with chips and salad. Considered adjusting the suspension on the bike to cope with the additional load. Stopped briefly at the Noojee Trestle Bridge before zipping up the hill to Neerim Junction to top up Zane and Marcus' bikes. Back down the big hill and through Noojee once more to return home via Yallourn Nth. The forecast was for rain and it was overcast all day but our luck held out all day and we had a great ride.

Distance covered 270km.