Wednesday, May 14, 2014

14 May - Warburton, Marysville and Healesville - Checking out the Viking Bag

Here in the SE corner of Australia we are experiencing a long run of calm, sunny days and today was no exception. As I indicated a few blogs ago the folks at had asked me to check out and review one of their bags, and today was a great opportunity to check out the bag under real riding conditions. I chose the route through Neerim, Powelltown, Warburton and the Reefton Spur to Marysville. Riders familiar with this part of the country will know that it is a beautiful ride through the countryside and interesting towns, through pristine eucalyptus forests and over a mountain range. I really wanted to check that the bag would be stable on the bike and stay in place.

The bag I selected is a large sissybar bag for the VT750 Cruiser. (BR-LEATHER-S)

This bag which measures 43 x 56 x 30 cm is large enough to accommodate an extended trip on the bike.  The info page including videos of fitting options is here:
I will group my comments on this product as follows:


This bag is designed to mount either in front of the sissy bar or on the luggage rack behind it if there is one. With special attachments (included with the bag) it can even be fitted directly to the pillion seat if there is no sissybar. The bag features a unique rod system for ensuring the cuff over the sissy bar is a snug fit. As well as a range of straps to accommodate almost any fitting method the bag also includes straps to convert it to a backpack.

Build Quality:

This product is extremely well constructed. Internal supports ensure the bag retains its shape and structure when empty. All zips and buckles are of high quality and should last for a long time and many a long motorcycle adventure. The bag is constructed of an extremely tough, synthetic leather material which should be very weather resistant and easy to keep clean. Additionally, a rain cover which extends over the whole bag is also provided.


This bag holds far more than any other product I've ever used. Between it and my Honda panniers I would be able to travel indefinitely. The side and top pockets would be useful for storing items such as phones, iPads and even laptops and all the charging equipment. Most parts of the bag are lockable using the small luggage locks available for suitcases. Generally speaking though I think the rain cover, which is fitted in seconds would discourage the curious or the larcenous.

Value for Money:

At US$139 this bag represents very good value for money. For Australian riders, even with postage, this product represents twice the value of anything I've come across.

Because my parcel rack is reasonably small, I mounted the bag in front of the sissybar - where the pillion would sit. For me that is not an issue as I don't ever ride two up.

Mounting it on my bike, with the straps provide took a couple of minutes and once attached the bag was rock steady. After I had ridden for a couple of hours I stopped to check everything at this interesting shop at Millgrove.

Nothing had moved and all the straps were still nice and tight. From here I pushed on through Warburton and into the Reefton Spur. This mountainous, windy road through magnificent eucalyptus forests proved to be a good test - the bag came through with flying colors. After lunch at the bakery in Marysville, I fitted the rain cover (despite it being a beautiful sunny day) to make sure it fitted OK and would stay in place.

Reached home after 400km of some of the best motorcycling roads on offer which provided not only a great day out but also gave me the confidence that the Viking Bag can easily cope with the sort of travel I do. It's a great product and I can't wait to organise a longer trip in the near future.

Viking offer a huge range of bags to fit just about anywhere on any bike and anyone interested in checking out this or similar products should visit

Total Distance 400 km.


  1. Great review Theo, thanks.

    I need new bags and rack for the Kwaka so I'll definately check these guys out.

    Looks like ya had fun trying out the new ride too :)

  2. Holy Smokes! That's a BIG DANG BAG!! I love it! That's exactly what I am looking for. Good info for me to go on. Thanks!!
    Sash - The Rude Biker Chick

  3. I love your informative review! We used the Viking Cruise Roll Bag for the first time today, and it's a great fit on top of our tail bag. Enjoy more rides!


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