Friday, March 11, 2016

11 March - Warburton

A medical appointment planned for today fell through and provided an unexpected opportunity to get on the Honda for one of my favourite rides - the Warburton bakery. The weather started off cool and foggy but the clouds soon parted and produced a bright warm day. Almost no traffic on the roads and I was able to cruise along at a snail's pace to really enjoy the day and my surroundings. Lunch and coffee at the bakery were excellent as always and by 1 pm it was time to turn back and head for home. On the way back I took the opportunity to get some closeup photos of the static locomotive display in Noojee. These old relics of the past have always fascinated me partly because I can remember travelling on steam trains which makes me a relic of the past too.
Only one event threatened the serenity of the day. Entering Noojee the engine suddenly stopped and resisted all attempts to restart it. My immediate thought was to call 'road side assist' but then the methodical part of my brain kicked in and I checked all the things which can kill the engine. I got it in one - the 'kill switch' was in the off position which was a complete mystery. The only explanation I can think of is that someone fiddled with it while the bike was parked and left it in an intermediate position. A bump in the road was then enough to move it to off. Glad I checked before calling for help.

Reached home around 3:30 after a very relaxing and enjoyable ride.

Total Distance 270 km.

Monday, March 7, 2016

7 March - Bulga Park, Tarra Valley and fish and chips in Port Albert

Met my brother Luke this morning for a bike ride through Tarra Valley. Although the skies warned of rain and the road was wet in places. we never actually saw a drop. We rode through Callignee and then on to Bulga Park for a walk down to the famous suspension foot bridge. Being a week day we were the only ones there and the only sound was the screeching of the black cockatoos. We continued on down the winding Tarra Valley road to Yarram and then continued straight on to Port Albert to visit the famous Wild Fish fish and chippery for a light lunch. As always, this drew plenty of attention from the local seagull population which seems to appear from nowhere when you open a packet of fish and chips.
After a pleasant lunch and a chat I tried for a few more seagull photos but without food they soon lost interest in us.
The return trip was straight up the Hyland Highway through Gormandale and  home to  Traralgon.
It was good to get out on the bike.

Total Distance 170 km.