Monday, May 2, 2016

2 April - leaving Hong Kong

It is just after 7pm local time and we are in the departure lounge waiting for flight QF30 back to Melbourne, where we arrive at 8am. Then all that's left is a trip into the city and the 2.5 hour train ride home and will have come full circle after a great trip.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

1 May - Hong Kong

This morning of our last full day in Hong Kong we were determined to take the tramway up Victoria Peak but it didn't look good. First of all we couldn't see the peak for cloud cover which meant we wouldn't see much when we got up there. Nevertheless we took a Star Ferry to the island and then the 15C bus to the lower tramway terminal. As we approached the terminal though we were confronted by enormous queues. When we checked it turned out that the queue equated to a 3 hour wait to board the peak tram and at that point we decided it wasn't to be. It turns out that not only was it the weekend but also a long weekend for the Labour Day celebration. So instead we walked into the CBD to get a look at the double decker trams which form the public transport system here.
The rest of the day was very quiet and this evening we started the process of repacking our suitcases to get ready for tomorrow. We have an 8:30pm flight which means we need to be at the airport by 5:30. Trying to fit in all the stuff we've bought in the last four weeks is a bit of challenge. We're all amazed at how quickly the time has past but we are also looking forward to being home and resting after the holiday.

30 April - Hong Kong

Another day in Hong Kong and still waiting for better conditions to visit Victoria Peak. This morning we all hopped on the MTR to travel to Mong Kok which is about 1.5 km from our hotel. John, Sandra and Rosa were off to the Ladies Market and I wanted to visit Sim City which is a three story building full of camera shops selling the latest and greatest as well as loads of second hand equipment. I've been looking for a longer telephoto lens for my Panasonic Lumix GH4 and this morning I found the Panasonic 100-300mm at a significantly lower price than what's available in Melbourne. After returning from the market I immediately took my new purchase to Kowloon Park to get some better shots of those magnificent flamingoes.
Although this lens has had some mixed reviews (hence the lower price) I'm very happy with my purchase particularly as the light was marginal and the shots were taken hand held at the full 300mm.
Later in the afternoon we walked down to the Ocean Terminal to check out the best spot to view the laser Light and Sound show which is performed on and by the high rise buildings of Hong Kong Island. 
By now the weather was quite overcast and turning somewhat chilly and we were glad we didn't venture on to Victoria Peak - maybe tomorrow.
After dinner in Harbour Town we returned to the foreshore to join thousands of other locals and tourist to wait for the 8pm light show. The harbour at night is a fascinating sight. The colourful cityscape provides a marvellous backdrop to the abundant water traffic of Star ferries, tour boats on dinner cruises and junks and the occasional cruise ship. Just as the light show was about to start the Star Cruise Line's Pisces sailed right past us.
The hazy conditions detracted a little from the experience of the laser lights but it was still a magnificent sight to behold. 
Just as the show finished the rain started and we joined the general rush to find cover and get out of the rain. Tomorrow is our last full day in Hong Kong and our activities will be dictated by the weather.