Friday, July 29, 2011

29 July - Sale, Maffra and Glenmaggie Weir

Surprise, surprise - another brilliant day!! Hadn't planned to ride today but couldn't let a chance like that go begging. Rode along the highway to Sale and explored the area around Lake Guthridge. Lots of families out picnicking around the lake. It was certainly the day for it. Then rode from Sale to Maffra, one of the prettiest towns in Gippsland for a salad roll and coffee at a local cafe. When I first got the Honda in February last year I remember riding out to Glenmaggie at a time when the water level was quite low, so I decided to head out there via Tinamba. After the rain of the past few months the water level is now to the spill gates in the dam and there was quite a flow through the gates. It was nice to be here at a time when the  surrounding countryside is green - often it is dry and brown. From here it was back to Traralgon via all the back roads. What a day.

Total Distance 184 km.

28 July - South Gippsland and Strzeleckis

Once again, a jewel of a day after a week of miserable weather. Took the bike for a run to Mirboo Nth, Leongatha and Meeniyan and then along the South Gippsland Highway to Yarram. Hardly any traffic and brilliant sunshine all the way. Visited my favourite lunch time stop in Yarram - the Bakery Cafe. Had lunch and coffee and bought a saddle bag full of goodies to take home. The return trip was via Tarra Valley. The road was very damp and muddy and about 1km south of Tarra Valley I encountered a damsel in distress. Erin, a young woman in her twenties had attempted a U-turn on this very narrow road and managed to drop one rear wheel into some very soft ground at the side of the road. No mobile phone coverage down this road so I undertook to call her boyfriend when I reached the top of the hill, and on the way there I encountered a couple in a 4x4 with a rope. Problem solved! Received a VM from Erin later in the evening letting me know she had reached home safely. The good weather persevered over the top of Mt Tassie which has thousands of dead tries which died in the '09 bush fires. Altogether, a very pleasant day on the bike/

Total Distance 240 km.

Monday, July 25, 2011

23 July - Latrobe Valley Floods

Parts of the Latrobe Valley, and specifically Traralgon experienced major flooding over the past couple of days. The Traralgon Creek marched towards us along Franklin Street to a point about 100m from our front door. Our house was not threatened in any way because it is located some distance above the roadway but it certainly looked impressive. Late Thursday we received phone and text messages warning us of possible evacuation and at about 2:30 in the morning we were wakened by a police woman knocking on the front door advising we should consider evacuating. As the water was nowhere near where we had seen it on previous highs we went back to bed. When we awoke all the water was gone.

This morning it was cool but fine so I took the bike out for a look at other possible flood locations. This picture was taken of the Latrobe River near Thom's Bridge - flooding here was quite extensive.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

16 July - Walhalla

Another fine day today but it was high time to prune the roses and trim the hedges. Didn't really expect the sunshine to hold out this afternoon but after the chores were complete the sun was still out. Walhalla is always a great ride when limited time is available and this afternoon was no exception. My favourite coffee shop was still open for business and so a cafe latte break and a chat with the locals  before riding home as the dark and chilly air approached.

Total Distance 105 km.

Friday, July 15, 2011

15 July - Strzelecki Sojourn

After an endless succession of wintry rainy days, finally a fine, still, if somewhat crisp day. Got so excited about a chance to ride the bike I forgot the thermal undies. This became obvious as soon as I reached
100 km/hr! So, no choice but to turn around to correct that oversight. Today's trip was through Morwell, Mirboo North and Leongatha to Korumburra. Lunch at the Bakery Cafe sitting in the sunshine was great. Got into a chat with a couple of guys who saw the Ulysses badge on the bike and were members of the South Gippsland Branch. The return trip was along the Korumburra/Warragul road which takes you through some of the most beautiful country on the planet. Turned off to Ellinbank and then Yarragon and completed the trip by turning to Willow Grove at Trafalgar for the final run through Yallourn Nth and Tyers. Once again a very inspiring day on the Honda.

Total Distance 223 km

Friday, July 1, 2011

1 July - Wilsons Prom

The first day of a new month and a bright and shiny one it was. Not a breath of wind this morning as I set out for Wilson's Prom via Mirboo Nth, Meeniyan and Fish Creek. No traffic on the road , the sun on my back and the seductive sounds of 'Blue Stone' oozing into the Earmoulds. It does not get any better. The intention was to check out the Tidal River caravan park for future reference, but unfortunately the final bit of the road was closed for repairs following the floods of some months ago. I would have thought a sign 20km up the road would save a lot of people a wasted journey. In my case though it did not really matter as  the the journey itself is the main point. Returned via Mirboo Nth, Trafalgar and Yallourn Nth. One of the all time great days on the Honda.

Total Distance 295 km.