Thursday, December 15, 2016

12 December - New shoes for the Honda

On Monday I was lucky that great weather co-incided with a ride to Bairnsdale (130km) to get the Honda serviced (36,000km) and new tyres fitted. There was still a fair bit of rubber on the tyres after 18,000 km but they wouldn't have lasted another 6,000 km when the next service would be due. This way I got everything done at once. As I've indicated in a previous post the level of service I have experienced with the Bairnsdale Honda dealer has been so superior to my local one, that I ride a 130km past it, confident that I'm being looked after by the professional crew at Shields and Doyle in Bairnsdale. I dropped the bike off just before 9 am and wandered into town for a leisurely breakfast in a nice cafe, then amused myself by a slow walk around the shops. The bike was ready around noon and on the way home I called into the excellent bakery in Maffra for a light lunch and a great coffee. Altogether a pleasant experience.

Total Distance 260 km.

Well, it is that time of the year when people are busy stressing their credit cards to bursting point for the Christmas season. I try to avoid as much of that as possible and try to catch up with friends and  pass on the usual Christmas and New Year wishes. Over the past year we have drastically cut back on sending actual cards (you know, the ones made from trees) and send electronic versions instead. We design a new one each year and they always get a good response. So, for any visitors to this site, what ever your views of Christmas are, may I wish you all the best for the season and success and safe riding in 2017.