Friday, September 30, 2011

30 September - Back from holidays

Got back from our caravan holiday yesterday after leaving the Gold Coast on Monday. After weeks of lovely weather the trip home was a damp one and today we unpacked the caravan between showers. During a brief burst of sunshine today I decided to take both bikes for a bit of a spin to the service station for fuel top ups and tyre checks. The Honda started first time - as always. The Kawasaki would not start - the engine turned over OK but otherwise no sign of life. Rang the dealer in Morwell who explained the problem. With a carburettor engine the fuel which sits in the carburettor bowl goes off over a period of time. The only way to get the engine started is to drain this fuel off. Fortunately there is a little drain plug provided for just this purpose. Once I drained off the 'bad' fuel the engine roared into life and all was well. After a five week absence it was great to get back on the bike(s) even though it was only for a short trip. The weather forecast for next week looks much better which will be the opportunity for some decent rides.

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