Sunday, October 9, 2011

8 October - Licola Ride with Zane

Another forecast batch of rain didn't eventuate so Zane and I rode to Licola, one of my favourite rides. Zane rode his KLX250 and I rode the Honda. The weather was mild and mostly sunny and the scenery all the way to Licola was clad in a brilliant green colour. I usually travel this road during the week when there is hardly any traffic but today was quite busy which probably due to the fine weather and the school holidays. After a quick look around Licola - must check the options for a long weekend here - a refuel for the riders and Zane's bike we headed for home with the Drift HD170 mounted on the back of my bike to get some footage of Zane riding over the mountains. Captured about 90 minutes of video and edited it down to a 20 minute DVD which came out quite well.  Another great ride.
Total Distance 181 km.

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