Friday, December 2, 2011

2 - December - Up the South Face (of Mt Baw Baw)


Good weather promised by the BOM so out with the Kawasaki to explore a road I haven't been game to try on the Honda - the South Face Rd from Rawson to Mt Baw Baw. It's quite a spectacular and well maintained road (some 25 km) but all gravel and after recent maintenance the gravel is quite thick in some places. The KLX handled it all OK. Although it was quite sunny, and mild in Traralgon, the temperature at the top of the mountain was decidedly chilly. Had coffee and a toasted sandwich at Kelly's Bar and Cafe before heading down the Baw Baw/Noojee Road. This is of course the main access road and sealed, but very twisty and requires a good deal of caution due to the tight turns, pot holes and wrinkles in the road which emerge once the snow clears. About halfway down I encountered a guy who didn't take enough care because he was standing in the middle in the road, and his cruiser was lying in a ditch at the side. He'd come around a corner too fast and was suddenly confronted with a steep ridge in the middle in the road which threw him to the outside of the bend and into the ditch. We chatted for a bit (he was OK) and would have tried to help him get the bike out of the ditch but apparently he'd already contacted someone who was coming up to help.

The rest of the return trip through Noojee, Neerim South etc was very pleasant and much warmer. Althogether a great ride.

Total Distance 230km.

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