Friday, June 15, 2012

15 June - Loch Sport

Woke this morning to the first day of my 69th year. While the sky was a bit grey, the temperature was mild and no sign of rain. Fired up the Beemer and rode to Loch Sport on the Gippsland Lakes and arrived there at 11:30. I haven't been to Loch Sport for over 40 years and in recent year have heard lots of reports of its popularity and growth, and so I was quite hopeful of finding the an interesting place to eat. Well, Loch Sport has definitely grown into a large town and the road which was once a sandy track is now sealed. There is now a large marina with an adjacent hotel overlooking Lake Victoria. Drove around for a while to check out cafes or bakeries but in the end did not find anything which looked appetising and decided to have lunch in Sale instead. Much better luck this time and by now the sky cleared completely producing a great day. The return trip was via Maffra (coffee at the bakery), Glenmaggie and Cowarr. A very enjoyable ride.

Total Distance 250 km.

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