Sunday, August 26, 2012

26 August - Ulysses Monthly Ride

Looked out the window this morning and it was not a day I would normally choose to go riding, but the monthly Ulysses Club ride started at 10:00 and as a sign of solidarity I decided to go despite bleak looking skies and gusty winds. When I arrived at the Great Australian Icecreamery, our rendezvous point I was surprised to see about 10 bikes already there. The destination for today was Walhalla which is only a 40 minute ride so I assumed that Bill our ride leader had plans for a longer ride. How about Walhalla via Mirboo North? Yep! up to Mirboo Nth (via Boolarra) for morning coffee at Dalliance. By then the sky was black in all directions and rain seemed certain as we headed off to Moe via Thorpdale and then on to Walhalla. The rain didn't really eventuate and the temperature didn't drop much below 12 degC so not unpleasant really. By the time we reached Walhalla the sky was blue and we sat in a little park eating our lunch. So a really interesting ride, given the road conditions, recent rain, mud and cowshit on the roads combined with quite a strong wind the day was more like an advanced rider course than an outing, but enjoyable none the less.

Total Distance 216 km.

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