Thursday, December 17, 2015

16 December - Photography

During my motorcycle outings I try to incorporate my interest in photography in these activities and mostly try to include images to illustrate the description of my rides. Photography is an all absorbing hobby of mine and through the blog, over the years I have corresponded with visitors interested more in the images than the actual motorcycling. I always enjoy this kind of feedback and that has led me to develop a photographic presence on Flickr where I post my dabbling with the camera which are mostly non motorcycle related.

For anyone reading this who would like to see some of my photographic output I have included a link called My Flickr Images on the sidebar of this page, and I regularly update this collections with new material.

Here is an additional link to My Flickr Images.


  1. Hi Theo I've always enjoyed your posts but thought that you needed more photos. Funny that your a photographer but don't put in enough photo's?

    1. Hi Chiller, thanks for the feedback. I find that by the time you compress photos enough to fit on a blog page they loose most of what I took them for in the first place. That restricts the type of photos that are suitable for the blog.

  2. I enjoy the motorcycle tales and the photography. You are one of my favorite blogs to peruse. Thanks for the links.

  3. Thanks, and may I return the compliment. Other people's riding environment always look so exotic and interesting and I would love to experience your rugged surroundings. Not in the winter though.

  4. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love reading your blog and the adventures that you run into. Thanks for the great read, keep up the posts!


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