Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5 January - The Start of a New Year

The New Year has started with days that were too hot to ride followed by days which were wet. Still managed a few short rides here and there. My main focus of the past couple of days were to complete my photos of the old Cowarr house before the remains are demolished and gone forever. As I mentioned in my 22 December blog, I managed to catch up with Steve the owner of the land and received his permission to enter his property and take whatever shots I wanted. Because the house is in such a dilapidated state I checked it out this morning for hazards on a grim and drizzly day.
This actually provided a photo opportunity because everything looked so bleak.
As always there is a much better version of this photo located here.
While I was inside the old wreck I also took this image (Room with a View).
The Flickr version is located here.
As I suspected, all the flooring and support timbers are in an advanced state of decay and I didn't really fancy staggering around inside, in the dark with a lot of lighting equipment. The floor seemed unable to bear my weight so I planned the location of my lighting for the night shots by using some sheets of corrugated iron laying around.
Went back this evening just on dusk and placed three flashes inside the house with wireless triggers and finally managed to get this shot.
I was very happy with the outcome but not with the blog version of the image. Much better to check out the Flickr version is located here.  

So that's it. The next time I ride past here it will be a pile of ashes and all that history will be gone.


  1. Man--well shot, well shot indeed!

    It's a good thing you got to it before the bulldozers.

  2. Stupendous photos. They need to be enlarged and framed for sure. At least entered into photo contest.

    The black and white really adds the air of desperation like it was a photo from the depression.

    1. Thanks. My camera club has a comp later this year which will feature tryptichs and I will mount these two along with the earlier one together and enter it.


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