Saturday, February 27, 2010

In the beginning....(26 Feb 10)

Today's the big day. Booked in at 08:30 at Ridetek in Sale to do my pre learner training and the test for my Learner's Permit. Got there a bit early and it turned out I was the only student on the course. This gave lots of time to practice on the Honda CB250 provided and after many many turns, emergency stops etc. I undertook the practical test which I passed. Then off to the written test which I passed with one error. Must have been nerves. By 13:00 I had been issued with my permit, and rang Traralgon Motorcycles to let them know to get the bike ready. Picked the bike and gear out a week earlier. It's a Honda VT400 cruiser.

After an hour of paperwork (rego, insurance etc) I was finally ready to start the Honda and get the feel for it. A bit more substantial than the little bikes at Ridetek, and I drove around the backstreets a bit to get the feel of it. Very comfortable and initially a bit scary, but after a while I felt ready to head on to the Traralgon - Glengarry Road and headed for the Tyers Service Station. Stopped there to get an icecream to settle the nerves and then rode home - all up 35 km. Mission accomplished - what a day!

Start Odometer 0, Finish Odometer 35. Distance travelled 35 km.

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