Saturday, February 27, 2010

27 Feb 10 - Toongabbie and Cowwarr Weir

The morning started with a thunderstorm and for a short time torrential rain. Just as I was concluding that there would be no bike ride today, it all stopped and the sky cleared. Great! Rosa quickly shortened my Dragin' (kevlar lined) jeans, and off on the Honda to Toner's Lane where Mark and Rex were attending Dog Obedience training. Watched them go through the paces (Rex is coming along well) and then rode to the Traralgon Crematorium to check out the carpark as a possible practice location for slow manoeuvres on the bike. It was great. A line of trees provides the perfect opportunity to practice weaving and u-turns. After practicing for a while I hit the road (figuratively) and headed towards Toongabbie. Stopped at the shop for an icecream and then on to Cowwarr Weir where I hadn't been for a long long time. A lot of work has been done here and it's now a fantastic spot for a picnic, swimming and a few people were kayaking. Spent 20 minutes here and decided to head for home. The trip home was quite interesting as a strong gusty wind had developed. Altogether an enjoyable ride and clocked up 100 km.

Start Odometer 35, End Odometer 135.  Distance travelled 100 km.

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