Saturday, March 27, 2010

27 Mar 07 - Top of Strzeleckis

Out for most of the day and only got home at 4:30. Although it was quite overcast and getting cool it didn't look like rain and decided a quick trip to the top of the Strzelecki's was in order. The air was very still, and hardly any traffic and so the climb up the hills was magical. Everywhere you look is the evidence of the major bushfires in Feb 09 and the extent of it becomes obvious when you reach the top which in my case was a kilometer short of Mt Tassie. On the return trip it was getting very cool. I'm going to need warmer gloves (or maybe grip heaters) and something to cover up the neck, as we move into the cooler weather. Only a short trip but very memorable particularly the smells from the burnt vegetation.

Distance covered 75km.

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