Saturday, March 6, 2010

13 Mar 10 - Walhalla

After travelling approximately 300km on straight roads, I felt it was time to get some practice on twisty roads, so travelled to Walhalla on the Tyers - Walhalla Rd. Once again a week day and therefore light traffic only. Had plenty of time to put the 'counter steering' lessons into practice and adjusted to it pretty quickly. The final bit from Rawson to Walhalla is very winding with some bends down to 25km/h. Arrived without any major scares in Walhalla on a glorious day. Had a nice coffee at the Star Hotel and after chatting with a couple visiting from Perth (on a Triumph), made the return trip and encountered all the bends going the other way. On the way back I actually started to enjoy it.

Start Odometer 322, End Odometer 423. Distance travelled 101 km.

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