Friday, April 2, 2010

2 April 10 - Walhalla, Thompson Dam, Noojee

Big ride with Marcus and Zane today. Topped up the tank in Tyers and then headed up to Walhalla. Every spare bit of ground there had a tent, camper or caravan on it. After coffee at the Star Hotel we rode out of Walhalla and up to the Thompson Dam. Lots of people up there pic-nicking and sightseeing and looking for a toilet. The public loo was closed to prevent vandalism so everyone was climbing fences and going bush.
After a chat with a group of people about our bikes ("How do you keep it so clean?") we headed past Erica, Willow Grove and Hill End and tackled the twisties through the rainforest on our way to Noojee. Reached Noojee about 2:30 for a late lunch at the Red Parrot Cafe (second time this week).
Lunch consisted of hamburgers the size of a small cartwheel with chips and salad. Considered adjusting the suspension on the bike to cope with the additional load. Stopped briefly at the Noojee Trestle Bridge before zipping up the hill to Neerim Junction to top up Zane and Marcus' bikes. Back down the big hill and through Noojee once more to return home via Yallourn Nth. The forecast was for rain and it was overcast all day but our luck held out all day and we had a great ride.

Distance covered 270km.

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