Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1 December 2010 - Maffra

Worked a half day today and as it was quite mild I decided to clear the cobwebs with a ride into the countryside. Over the decades I've driven and ridden through Maffra many times and admired this attractive town but have never made a stop. It seemed timely then to ride to Maffra and check out the coffee. Although it was a bit windy it was a very pleasant ride and in no time I was enjoying a coffee at the Maffra Bakery Cafe. Maffra had and has retained a number of substantial and attractive buildings. The Metropolitan Hotel, shown above has been recently renovated and looks absolutely brilliant. The return trip was through Tinamba, Glenmaggie and the back road to Cowwar and Toongabbie. Copped a few minutes of heavy rain but once it stopped it took only a few minutes to dry out again.

Total Distance 140 km.

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