Monday, May 23, 2011

21 May - Warburton

We returned from our Panama Canal cruise and USA visit to some the most motorcycle unfriendly weather possible. Really hanging out for a ride after a 5 week break but the combination of rain, wind and overcast skies meant the Honda stayed in the garage. Finally last week the rain subsided somewhat and the temperature rose slightly so on with the thermals and out with the bike for a few short rides after work. Then today the weather looked perfect and after overcoming the strong feeling that I needed to do some work around the house I called my mate Marcus and arranged to meet him for a late lunch in Warburton.
The ride, via Willow Grove, Noojee, Powelltown and Yarra Junction took 2 hours and was very enjoyable. Hardly any traffic and the bright sunshine reflecting off the green fields through the old growth forests combined to put a smile on my face for the entire trip. I arrived at the Warburton Bakery first and it wasn't long before I heard the growl of the Ducati Monster approaching in the distance. It was great to catch up with Marcus over coffee and toasted sandwiches and to smoke a couple of cigars I brought back from Acapulco. Against all expectations the good weather held out and the return trip was a gem too with daylight persisting almost all the way back to Traralgon. Another 'golden' day on the bike.

Total Distance 275km.

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