Monday, November 21, 2011

19 November - It Never Rains but it Pours

During the week Zane and I had planned to ride our KLX's to Port Albert for fish and chips - the long way through Mirboo Nth, Meenyian, Welshpool etc. The forecast was for steady rain but at 09:00 it was still dry so we decided to proceed. Clad in our wet weather gear we enjoyed another 10 minutes of dry before it started bucketing down. Stopped for coffee at the Bullock Dray in Mirboo Nth, and despite the fact that it was raining steadily we decided to push on. On to Meenyian and then Foster where we stopped for fuel - the KLX's have a small tank. By now the rain was down to a light drizzle which was a huge improvement, and by the time we reached Port Albert it had all but stopped. The fish and chips from "Wild Fish" were superb as always, and by the time we reached Yarram we were looking forward to a dry trip home - that is if you ignore the water which was now sloshing inside my boots. A quick stop at the Yarram Bakery Cafe to stock up on essential items and then a trip home through Tarra Valley and Balook. Despite the weather we both enjoyed the ride, but it was nice to get out of the sodden gear and into a hot bath.

Total Distance 245km.

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