Saturday, November 5, 2011

5 November - Dargo

The forecast for today was sunny and 30 degC. Already had a ride to Dargo with Zane arranged but at the last moment Zane had to work instead. So, despite a sore throat and a hacking cough I cranked up the Honda and headed for the high country. This was my first trip ever to Dargo and I was not disappointed. After coffee and fuel in Stratford the route was along the Princes Highway for another 20km before turning off to the Dargo Road. After travelling through delightfully green farming country for a while the road steadily begins to climb and before long becomes very windy. I was reminded to slow down when the footpegs started scraping at every turn. Quite a few other motorcyclists had the same idea and some 20km out of Dargo I ran into the tail end of a bicycle race. In Dargo I sat on the verandah of the General Store and ate my ham and cheese sandwich before pointing the bike back to Traralgon for a delightful ride home.

Total Distance 350 km.

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