Monday, February 6, 2012

4 February - The Grand Ridge Road

Zane and I met in Traralgon South and rode to Balook with the aim of travelling the Grand Ridge Road to  Mirboo North on our KLX's. Shortly after Balook this winding road through the Strzelecki Ranges reverts to  gravel with some of it quite challenging. Mostly it winds through forests of mountain ash and occasionally there are glimpses of rolling hills and farm land. After passing the occasional car eventually it's pretty clear there's not another person around for miles. Definitely a road I would not travel alone - a flat tire here could mean a long walk or a long wait and most likely a night spent in the bush. Eventually though, the bitumen resumes and it's an easy ride into Mirboo North, where we stopped for coffee and cake at the Bullock Dray. A great ride - some time soon we'll complete the next leg which runs from Mirboo Nth to Seaview.

Total Distance 190km.

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