Thursday, January 31, 2013

27 January - Sth Gippsland Highway

Apart from a short ride to Walhalla with Marcus, (on his way home from a trip around Oz) January has been a bit lean - just some short rides to keep the batteries charged (on the bikes that is). Today I decided to take a leisurely trip down to Yarram to top up with some goodies from the bakery there, and to come home along the Sth Gippsland Highway and return via Meeniyan and Mirboo North. On an impulse I hopped on the Honda instead of the BMW.  It was like catching up with an old friend. I really enjoyed the comfort and relaxed pace of the bike and by the time I reached home I had decided not to sell it and to keep it as well as the Beemer. I now realise that while there are many days when the BMW is the bike of choice there will also be days when my trusty shaft driven cruiser will be the way to go. With a bit of rearranging they both fit in the garage (along with two cars). I immediately gave the old girl a wash and a polish and am delighted to see her gleaming away waiting for the next ride.

Total Kilometers 240 km

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