Thursday, January 31, 2013

30 January - Wilson's Prom etc

Zane had a day off today so the plan was to ride to the Prom. The weather forecast looked great but when I set off on the Beemer at 08:30 it was overcast and chilly so I decided to refit the winter liner in my riding jacket. That proved to be my best idea for the day, as it was still quite chilly when we reached Tidal River. After checking out the beach and the river we each had an excellent Prom Burger and decided that due to our early start we would also have time to ride home via Yarra and visit the Yarra Bakery Cafe as well. By the time we got to Foster, the weather finally lived up to its forecast and the by the time we reached Yarram I decided to go for an iced coffee instead of the usual cafe latte. Having got into the swing of things by now we decided to ride home the through Tarra Valley and over Mt Tassie.
Altogether a great time.

Total Distance 340km.

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