Sunday, December 14, 2014

14 December - More adventures (Down Under) with Scooter Bob

A beautiful day today and time to show Scooter Bob some more of the beautiful Victorian countryside. Our destination today was Christmas Hills to attend the Christmas BBQ of the Shadow Riders of Australia, a group of riders who enjoy the Honda Shadow motorcycle in its various forms. Our first stop was the little town of Noojee, which was at one time a thriving centre for timber production. Timber was hauled from Noojee to provide housing material for a booming Victoria and dedicated enthusiasts have recently placed one of the old steam locomotives used to haul timber, in a park in Noojee. The railway line travelled through the mountainous forest clad area around Noojee and joined the main Melbourne line via 7 timber tressle bridges. Only one of these now remains and Bob visited this last vestige of a once busy industry.

From Noojee our trek continued into the Yarra Valley wine region and then to the Sugarloaf Reservoir located in Christmas Hills. This was the meeting place for a number of Victorian members of the Shadow Riders of Australia for the annual Christmas BBQ. Before meeting all the SRA members though Scooter Bob visited the actual dam wall for another photo opportunity.

Finally it was time to meet the SRA members and their families and to grab a group photo.

The Christmas BBQ was enjoyed by all and it was a great opportunity for people to catch up - it seemed like such a long time since last years Christmas BBQ.

Finally it was time for Scooter Bob and me to start the long ride home back to Traralgon.  It was such a nice afternoon we returned through the mountain route and after a coffee in Yarragon we reached home after a great ride and a fantastic day.

Total Distance 362 km


  1. Hm, looks like my first comment didn't make it through, so I am hoping that this one sticks.

    I am full with envy when I look at you in your T-shirts. We have some nasty weather here at the moment. It's wet and stormy. Thanks to the Shadow Riders for hosting ScooterBob.
    I like that picture under the bridge best by the way. Great outing, Theo.

  2. Theo thanks for sharing that ride. Christmas time is so indellibly associated with winter and snow here, that I have difficulty coming to terms with it as a summertime holiday down under.

    That group shot with ScooterBob and the Shadow riders is really touching.

    All the best to you and yours for Christmas!

    1. I understand the seasonal confusion. I was born in the Netherlands and also have fond memories of white Christmas's. In Australia though it is BBQ's and time at the beach.

    2. Dutch, eh? Who would have guessed ;-)

  3. Great photos and a perfect hosting of ScooterBob.

    He would be so pleased to know he was in a group photo. he wanted more than anything to be included.


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