Wednesday, January 21, 2015

20 January - Snowy Mountains Ride - Day 4 - Going Home

After a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, it was time to mount up and start the trip, over the mountains, home. Fortunately, the run of great weather continued and it was a great feeling to hit the road and head straight towards the mountain range on the horizon. The Great Alpine Road starts to climb up towards Mt Hotham at Harrrietville and very soon I was winding my way up in very light traffic except for a couple of heavy vehicles which are so slow they are relatively easy to pass. At the top as I passed through the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort the temperature had dropped a good 10ÂșC but the grip heaters soon took care of my slightly chilly fingers. Very soon the road starts to dip down the other side of the mountain as the road winds it's way down to Omeo. I had just enough fuel to avoid stopping in Omeo and instead refuelled and had lunch in Bruthen. From here it was less than two hours to home. My four day adventure was over - I had great weather, experienced an incredible ride, caught up with family and thoroughly enjoyed everything. I've edited my photos and GoPro videos into a short presentation which you can view below.

The soundtrack music was recorded and performed in my study using the Garageband music software.

Distance today - 350 km
Total Distance for trip - 1450 km


  1. Love the video Theo. Some of the best roads our country has to offer.

    Do you always get off your bike on the highside?

    1. Thanks. Yes I always get off on the high side. When I first started riding I watched a series of training videos used by one of the US police forces for their motorcycle cops. The taught their trainees always to mount from the 'high' side and so I followed that advice. Even on the cruiser it feels very strange to mount from the other side.

  2. What a great trip. We haven't done a multi-day trip in a few years. It was nice to live vicariously through yours.


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