Friday, July 24, 2015

24 July - Day 10 - Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)

Our second full day here in the Red Centre. Our plan for today was to visit the Olgas, a group of dome shaped rocks the locals call Kata Tjuta. They are located about 50km from our campsite and visible from here. We travelled with a young couple Pat and Katie who arrived here by plane and were astounded that the local tour company wanted to charge them $150 each to take them to either Uluru or Kata Tjuta. They approached us when they learned of our plans they asked to join us. We were only too pleased to have them along for company. Like Uluru, the impact of Kata Tjuta only becomes apparent as you get closer.
Like most attractions around here you can select from a number of walks ranging from easy to strenuous, and we chose a couple of medium size walks. Unlike the walks around Uuru the walks here are rocky and in some places quite steep.
No matter which direction you look there are amazing views everywhere and at the same time you have to keep your eyes on the ground to check your footing.

We had a fair bit of rain overnight and there were pools of water everywhere which is probably a rare occurrence around here.
By early afternoon we had completed both our walks and I was ready to head back for a coffee and a bit to eat.
That completes our stay here at Uluru. Tomorrow we head off for a couple of nights in Kings Canyon which by all accounts is also spectacular.


  1. Beautiful area! I'd never heard of that area before, thanks for posting the photos.

  2. Lovely area, and quite nice of you to save the young couple quite a few bucks by taking them along.

  3. More awesome rock formations. So good of you to take the young couple along with you. I bet they really appreciated it.


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