Wednesday, August 12, 2015

12 August - Hervey Bay - Fraser Coast - Queensland

Nothing much to report from today - a bit of shopping and another visit to the French Bakehouse.
This evening while Rosa was cooking dinner I went for a walk along the beach hoping to get just one more photo which captures the mood here in the evening. All the bustle is gone, and people are quietly walking through the parks or along the beach. Of course the mood is somewhat shattered by the evening cacophony of thousands of rosellas and parakeets preparing for the night in the trees along the seashore. Managed a few interesting images and at the risk of boring everyone with another sunset, this is my pick of the bunch.


  1. That picture could never be boring. Another beautiful sunset. I imagine paradise looks that way.

  2. Thanks for the comments everyone. I was very happy with this image and some others I took as well. It really captured how it felt 'being there'.


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