Wednesday, August 5, 2015

5 August - Rockhampton, QLD

We're tucked away very comfortably in our little home away from home here in Rockhampton. The caravan park is a tropical paradise and in the evenings the trees are full of noisy birds getting ready for the night's rest. Rockhampton is a beautiful city and evidence of past and current wealth from gold mining and beef cattle is everywhere in the form of stately old buildings. This morning we visited the nearby gold mining town of Mt Morgan. Mining began here in 1882 and continued for nearly 100 years.
Many historic buildings associated with the mine still abound and a daily mine tour is available. The little town is also littered with interesting old buildings including the first school to open in Queensland. This old hotel, while it has seen better days, still shows signs of its former glory.
Rockhampton is located on the Fitzroy river which runs right through the middle of the city. Many of the city's most spectacular buildings are located along the river front and in the afternoon we took a leisurely walk along the river.
This old hotel, currently being renovated is a great example of some of the beautiful buildings in Rockhampton.
Tomorrow we plan to take a drive to the nearby beach resort of Yeppoon.

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  1. What a beautiful riverfront to wander down. I love seeing the old architecture.


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