Friday, March 17, 2017

17 March - Motorcycle trip Take 2 - Home to Lorne

After our aborted ride a couple of weeks ago we set off again today in anticipation of fairly decent weather for the next few days. This time though we headed West, through Melbourne, past Geelong and on to the Great Ocean Road. The weather was perfect, although a little windy when we hit the coast.
We met this morning at the Trafalgar Service Station and after refuelling the bikes we were off into the wild blue yonder. Stopped for morning coffee in Officer and then immersed ourselves in the Melbourne traffic which was quite busy.
We interrupted our trip at Aireys Inlet to have a look at the magnificent Lighthouse on top of a hill there.

We arrived in Lorne in the early afternoon and after a quick walk around managed to find a good room at the Lorne Bayview apartments. After a restful afternoon of catching up on email and recharging all our stuff we walked down the main street to find a place to eat. Found a great little Mexican cafe. Very tasty food, not sure what I ate but it was great.
Tomorrow we continue our way down the Great Ocean Road as far as Apollo Bay and then turn north towards Ballarat where we will spend the night.

Total Distance 305 km


  1. I hope you mean you headed west, not east! I love a good mexican meal they really eat well. I've been to that light house. Looking forward to you GOR posts.

    1. Quite right mate. Must have been the excitement of the moment.

  2. Beautiful lighthouse. I am glad your trip wasn't delayed too long.


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