Saturday, June 26, 2010

26 June 2010 - Licola

Woke up this morning and the weather in Traralgon looked less than hopeful. Checked the BOM Radar and found that all the rain was in Traralgon and to the south. North of Traralgon looked fine, so I decided to ride north to Licola. This is a great ride out through Toongabbie and then a short cut via the Cowwarr/Seaton road. As you draw close to Glenmaggie the road follows the McAllister river plain for a while and then heads right into the mountains. About 10km before Licola as you cross the mountains there are several wonderful views of the river below. 

Had lunch at the General Store in Licola and then rode back the same way. What a great bike ride. Back home everyone was thinking I was cold and wet (which it was in Traralgon) but actually I enjoyed sunny weather all the way except for the last 10 minutes coming into Traralgon.

Total Distance 172km.


  1. Is that a new purchase, sorry "essential accessory" I see attached at the rear? :-)

  2. Yes it is, it is actually part of a set which includes a big square sissy bar bag on which you mount the round one. It and the panniers provide all the space I'll need for an extended ride.


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