Friday, June 4, 2010

3 June 2010 - Thorpdale, Narracan Falls

Another beautiful winter's day and time for a ride. However after a couple of kilometers the bike didn't feel right and I thought the front tyre was down. Checked it at the Tyers service station and it was down 10 psi. As I've had to top it up quite often I decided to call into the motorbike shop in Moe and install a new front tube, which took about 40 minutes. That cut the available time and had to content myself with a trip through Trafalgar, Thorpdale and as I passed the sign to Narracan Falls it brought back a lot o memories from years ago so couldn't resist turning in to the parking area for a visit. I can remember back to the 50's when Mum and Dad took us there as kids to cool off in the water and try our luck at fishing. The swimming worked alright but I can't remember ever catching anything there. Can't believe that's 50 years ago!

I'm booked in for my full licence test next Friday.

Total Distance 105 km.

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