Friday, July 29, 2011

29 July - Sale, Maffra and Glenmaggie Weir

Surprise, surprise - another brilliant day!! Hadn't planned to ride today but couldn't let a chance like that go begging. Rode along the highway to Sale and explored the area around Lake Guthridge. Lots of families out picnicking around the lake. It was certainly the day for it. Then rode from Sale to Maffra, one of the prettiest towns in Gippsland for a salad roll and coffee at a local cafe. When I first got the Honda in February last year I remember riding out to Glenmaggie at a time when the water level was quite low, so I decided to head out there via Tinamba. After the rain of the past few months the water level is now to the spill gates in the dam and there was quite a flow through the gates. It was nice to be here at a time when the  surrounding countryside is green - often it is dry and brown. From here it was back to Traralgon via all the back roads. What a day.

Total Distance 184 km.

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