Friday, July 15, 2011

15 July - Strzelecki Sojourn

After an endless succession of wintry rainy days, finally a fine, still, if somewhat crisp day. Got so excited about a chance to ride the bike I forgot the thermal undies. This became obvious as soon as I reached
100 km/hr! So, no choice but to turn around to correct that oversight. Today's trip was through Morwell, Mirboo North and Leongatha to Korumburra. Lunch at the Bakery Cafe sitting in the sunshine was great. Got into a chat with a couple of guys who saw the Ulysses badge on the bike and were members of the South Gippsland Branch. The return trip was along the Korumburra/Warragul road which takes you through some of the most beautiful country on the planet. Turned off to Ellinbank and then Yarragon and completed the trip by turning to Willow Grove at Trafalgar for the final run through Yallourn Nth and Tyers. Once again a very inspiring day on the Honda.

Total Distance 223 km

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