Friday, July 29, 2011

28 July - South Gippsland and Strzeleckis

Once again, a jewel of a day after a week of miserable weather. Took the bike for a run to Mirboo Nth, Leongatha and Meeniyan and then along the South Gippsland Highway to Yarram. Hardly any traffic and brilliant sunshine all the way. Visited my favourite lunch time stop in Yarram - the Bakery Cafe. Had lunch and coffee and bought a saddle bag full of goodies to take home. The return trip was via Tarra Valley. The road was very damp and muddy and about 1km south of Tarra Valley I encountered a damsel in distress. Erin, a young woman in her twenties had attempted a U-turn on this very narrow road and managed to drop one rear wheel into some very soft ground at the side of the road. No mobile phone coverage down this road so I undertook to call her boyfriend when I reached the top of the hill, and on the way there I encountered a couple in a 4x4 with a rope. Problem solved! Received a VM from Erin later in the evening letting me know she had reached home safely. The good weather persevered over the top of Mt Tassie which has thousands of dead tries which died in the '09 bush fires. Altogether, a very pleasant day on the bike/

Total Distance 240 km.

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