Saturday, August 13, 2011

13 August - Aberfeldy

Rode the Kawasaki to Aberfeldy today. Aberfeldy is located in the mountains at the northern end of the Thomson Reservoir and is a 20km dirt road ride beyond the Thomson Dam. The road has a reasonable surface but you do need to watch out for 4WD's coming the other way without much regard for anyone else especially motorbikes.  I just assume each bend in the road will have an idiot coming the other way and at least partly on my side. Like many locations in this area Aberfeldy was first settled when gold was discovered in the 1870's. A post office opened there in 1872 and operated till 1967. Gold ran out of course and the town was dealt a deathblow in 1939 when most of it was destroyed by bushfire. Today a handful of houses remain and none of these looked occupied during my visit.

Total Distance 132 km.


  1. Two weeks without a ride. You ok?

  2. Yep we're OK, just caravanning in Qld - really hanging out for a bike ride though.


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