Friday, August 5, 2011

5 August - Coopers Creek and Bruntons Bridge

Another fine and mild day, despite the weather forecast so it was time to hit the back roads again. The plan was to visit Bruntons Bridge (on the Thomson River) via Walhalla. Decided to check out Coopers Creek en route. The Copper Mine Hotel has not been open for business for some time - I think it is a private residence now. Anyway when I rode down into the valley there was no sign of life. The road which connects to the Walhalla Road is closed and the place looks quite shabby with abandoned vehicles and uncompleted work all over the place. It's a pity - I remember having a drink in the pub with Marcus and Rosa a few years ago and it was just great. So back up to the main road and on to Walhalla for lunch and coffee. From Walhalla I headed down to Brunton's Bridge via Happy Go Lucky. The road is in fair condition but there is one downhill stretch which was just a mud bath. Getting down it without falling was quite an exercise and it was only when I reached the bottom that I realised it was going to be very tricky coming back up as I've only got road tyres on the bike. It was a pleasant surprise then to find that Brunton's Bridge has a brand new steel deck, suitable for pedestrians (and small motorbikes) installed.

The view from the bridge is outstanding.

Then it was just a short ride across the bridge and back home via the Cowarr-Walhalla Road.
The bike was thoroughly covered in mud and dirt by the time I arrived home. One thing I've discovered - riding dirt roads is a lot more work than riding a cruiser on  made roads.

Total Distance 140 km.

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