Sunday, April 1, 2012

1 April - Walhalla and Beyond

After bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast this morning, and a couple of odd jobs, it occurred to me that I really needed more time on the Beemer. Zane joined me on his KLX for a quick ride, and a coffee, to Walhalla. Riding the F650GS is quite a thrill. It is such an agile and powerful machine that it almost seems that in order to do something, you just need to 'think' it. It has a great number of features (such as ABS brakes for example) but the one that I have found most useful so far is auto cancelling indicators. One of my most consistent failings on bikes to date has been to forget to turn off the blinkers. Anyway, we reached Walhalla in short order and in no time we were enjoying our cafe lattes. The weather was still OK at this stage so we decided to take a run to the Thomson Dam wall. From there to Rawson for fuel for the KLX and then on to Trafalgar via Willow Grove. At this stage my fuel gauge was still showing one third full - after some 350km - but I thought it prudent to fill it anyway.

From Trafalgar we headed up the hill to Thorpdale before finally turning towards home via Yinnar. The Beemer and I are starting to develop a working relationship.

Total Distance 220 km.

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