Thursday, May 17, 2012

17 May - Warburton, Reefton Spur, Marysville, Black Spur and Healesville

An unusually sunny day today and the forecast looked good. Headed up through Nilma, Neerim and Powelltown with the first stop - for fuel - in Warburton. I wanted to visit Marysville which was almost totally destroyed in the 2009 fires - only 11 buildings remained standing. Riding down into Marysville from Reefton Spur is an amazing experience. The bush, which is obviously fire affected is now cloaked in green regrowth and as you enter the town the only sign of the utter devastation is the fact that nearly every building is brand new. Fortunately, one of the survivors is the Bakery Cafe which was a welcome stop for lunch, and for once, not very busy.

Many parks and gardens have been fully restored and many of the old deciduous trees along the main street seem to have survived as well. Many shops, cafes and a new petrol station are all in full swing and there seems to be no shortage of visitors, and as you sit here basking in the sun it is difficult to imagine the inferno and the destruction suffered here such a short time ago.

After leaving Marysville the return trip was down the Black Spur into Healesville and then back to the Princes Highway via Cockatoo, Gembrook and Pakenham.

Altogether a most enjoyable ride.

Total Distance 390 km.


  1. So how was the bimer on the spurs must have been a lot easier than the Honda after you'd got over the tip in characteristics although the height and lean may have taken a little getting used to.

  2. Yeah I remember scraping the pegs on every corner on the Honda - Much better on the Beemer. The road was totally deserted too although you can't assume that of course.


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