Saturday, February 9, 2013

7 February - Warragul and Oakleigh

Rode the Honda to Warragul early this morning for its 30,000km service. It's  unbelievable how quickly the km's accumulate while you're having fun particularly when I consider that I had not really ridden it much since I bought the Beemer. Anyway, as I am keeping my old mate, it was time for the service which only took about an hour while I had breakfast at a nearby cafe. Then, it was time to ride to Oakleigh to Rosa's parent's house to supervise the arrangements for a ramp to make access to and from the house a bit more convenient. By 3pm I was on the bike heading back to Traralgon in 38ÂșC heat, which was not too bad until I hit road works and walking pace progress on the Pakenham bypass. In a car you suffer these inconveniences in air conditioned comfort, but on a bike you sweat it out inside your leathers and a helmet. Apart from that and the nauseating smell of freshly poured bitumen, the rest of the ride progressed smoothly.

Total Distance 290 km.

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