Tuesday, May 14, 2013

14 May - Marley Point

Today was a bonus day - the BOM forecast rain and it was actually fine. Obviously a day to take advantage of and I really felt like a sedate cruise on the Honda. Rode through Toongabbie, Cowarr, Heyfield to Maffra and had lunch at the bakery in the main street. The skies were still clear and so I decided to visit Marley Point on Lake Wellington. Being the middle of the week the place was deserted but it's not hard to imagine how busy it would get on days of sailing events. Marley Point is the home of the Lake Wellington Yacht Club which has been hosting the annual overnight yacht race since 1960.

Last night I came across a great blog owned by Gary France who after walking past a Harley Davidson shop in England made a decision to:

1   Retire
2   Buy a Harley Davidson bike
3   Ride the HD across the USA (21,000 miles)

Gary kept a blog on the trip and published many fine photographs of his experience. Eventually, after many suggestions from readers he was persuaded to use the blog material to publish a 400 page book of the trip. I've permanently added a link to his site on my blog. It is definitely worth a visit. The photos and videos are great and the blog is a must for anyone who has ever dreamed (however briefly) of undertaking a motorcycle adventure.

Total Distance 185 km.

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