Tuesday, May 28, 2013

28 May - Lunch in Warburton

A rare sunny day forecast for today, preceeded by early morning fog. Well the fog lasted till about 10:30 and then yes there was the sun and blue skies with hardly a cloud in sight - so Beemer time. I thought a ride to Warburton via Noojee and Powelltown would provide plenty of autumn colours and smells so, that was the plan.

Arrived in Warburton and by now the temperature was up to 17ÂșC, the town was pretty quiet and no waiting at my favourite cafe (of all time) Three Sugars. The open Bacon and Egg Pie was superb, as was the coffee and it was very relaxing to sit there. During my ride I had been listening to my iPod via the Senna bluetooth unit mounted on my helmet. The iPod is actually located in the top box. Without thinking about it I walked across the road to the cafe and then realised that the bluetooth connection was still loud and clear. I didn't realise the range was so good.

Although it was cooling down quickly the return ride was also very enjoyable. During the winter you've got to grab every day you can and this was a particularly good one.

Total Distance 267 km

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