Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1 - 2 May - Port Melbourne

Rode the Beamer down to Port Melbourne this afternoon, to have dinner at a great Indian restaurant in Sth Melbourne with my friend Marcus and an ex SMS colleague Paul. I checked the weather radar to find that it was raining heavily along two thirds of my route down the Princes Highway. The thought of chickening out and taking the car flashed through my mind briefly but I put on my wet gear instead. Just as well it rained all the way from Moe to Berwick. Had a great night out with the guys and the next morning called into Southbank Motorrad (where I bought the bike) to check out an extra low seat hoping it would give me a more secure grip on the ground at standstill. The seat checked out fine and after fitting it, and tying my original seat down as luggage I had a great trip home. The sky was blue and no sign of rain. Altogether a successful trip - even a trek through the rain can be enjoyable. My enjoyment was short lived though - when I got home I discovered the seat covering had started to split at a seam. Rang BMW who promised to have a new one ready at 10:30 the following morning. Took the 7:45 train to Melbourne Friday morning and was home with the new seat at 2pm. This one looks OK so I'll take it out for a trial soon.

Total distance (by motorcycle) - 320 km.

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